Fathers’ testimonies

I would like to take the time to thank, you, James ark charity, for everything you have done for me and my son. 

I’m a 37 year old man, I have spent the last 14 months fighting for my son while residing at HMP La Moye. 

I Came over to jersey 6 years ago for employment, I then met a girl and 9 months later had a baby boy. For the next 3 years, I worked full time to provide for my son, I was a constant figure in his life!

Shortly after it all got taken away, I ended up a resident in La Moye. In 14 months, I have done everything in my power to see my son. It finally resulted in seeking legal advice and going to court to get contact with my son. At times I felt helpless, emotionally drained and heartbroken.

I was being told to do a DNA test and not to send presents and cards, my son was being used as a weapon against me. I can honestly say, this almost destroyed me mentally and physically.

Around this time, I attended a meeting and shared my story with others, this resulted in being told about a charity called James Ark.

Later that evening I spoke to my girlfriend (who has been my rock) and with her help I had contacted James Ark charity. 

Over the next few weeks, we talked about my Situation and they explained how they could help and support me as a charity. They talked me through the court process and explained about JFCAS and reassured me that I was doing everything I could possibly do to gain contact with my son. 

I was also given some father to father advice, for which I am extremely greatful for and have not forgotten. 

The build up to court was extremely stressful and James Ark wanted to know the date in court so they could support me. A week before court,  I asked if the charity would be able to facilitate the visits between me and my son (I have no family or friends in jersey to facilitate). 

The best thing I heard, that the charity had been liasing with the courts (JFCAS) to make this happen. 

It has now been 4 weeks since court and I have just had my 4th visit with my little boy through James Ark. 

I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given me.

I would like you to know that the only reason that my son sees his daddy is because of the work you do and the only reason I see his smile and hear his laugh s because of the work you do. 

From me and my son, we thank you.


I was clueless and heartbroken, my world had come crashing down. I was crying day and night, sleepless nights. I’m still currently in the process, I’m far from healed. This man called James, I just typed in Instagram father’s support, he was the first person I messaged. I then got a reply from him in hours. Days after speaking to James, I told him my situation, what had happened to me as a new father and that I’ve always wanted to be a father. The worst thing that could happen to a father is to be alienated from a three weeks old new-born daughter. James gave me the right advise an told me he would help me. I fully trusted him. Even though James was a stranger from another country. I gave him my full details and put my trust in him. He helped me with my c100 contact arrangements form. He guided me and he is like my mentor. He has helped me with my statements and furthermore is still helping me through my process. It’s a long way to go but I cannot thank God enough for putting men like James in this world, who are actually listening and feeling the pain all these single father’s out there who really are struggling. I just want to say I really hope James Carry’s on doing this because he is good at what he does and giving that extra support for fathers like me who are experiencing this heavy pain.

Men don’t have equal rights but James is giving us the support as so many fathers need the help. It’s really a heart-breaking situation to be in because I’ve never had a dad and I’ve always wanted to be a dad and then it’s taken away from my daughter being three weeks old. It’s any father’s worst nightmare. James will always be in my life until I’m alive. I will visit him in Jersey once my situation is better.

Thank you James, I will always have you in my prayers.

If I see anyone in my position, I will refer them to James at their first point.

James you’re God’s gift

Forever in my heart my brother…

God bless


To James,

I am writing a letter to yourself as I just wanted to reach out to yourself and your charity James ark and say thank you for all the help you’ve given me so far along the way to reaching out for me to see my son who I’ve not seen in a long time.

you’ve always been there to help and support me of my needs and others that need help and I really can’t thank you enough for that.

I look forward to the next stage and process of better things to come for me and my son’s life. 


The story of a new fathers living nightmare

For most fathers this is their happiest ever moment… Not for this father. The nightmare has already started, where an innocent unborn child has become a token of abuse and power.

September 2022, I found out I was going to be a father for the first time, I was ecstatic and elated to say the very least, finally my life ambition of creating a miracle was happening. However, this didn’t take long to change…

Not even a week after finding out we were expecting, me and my then partner had split up and the games had begun.

“I’m not letting some guy have any decisions on a baby that I’m carrying for 9 months”

“I’m not classing this as our baby”

“I don’t want you at the scans”

“If you don’t pay half of my doctors fees, you’re not having nothing to do with this baby”

“You’re a deadbeat”

“You’re not going on the birth certificate”

These are just a few examples of the things that have been said to me and it’s safe to say it’s crushed my happiness, my hopes and dreams. Never did I ever think that I would go through something remotely close to this, but here I am. My mental state has deteriorated like never before, I’m anxious, I’m on edge, I’m depressed. My hopes and dreams were shattered in the hands of the very woman who is mothering the child who I should be allowed to father.  


James i really can’t thank you enough, you have literally saved my sons life with your care, support and advice through these horrific time he’s going through. Without your support and help i have no doubt whatsoever that i would be burying my son. Thank you really doesn’t cover how much i appreciate your ongoing dedication. Thank you so much James. With your help, advice and support, he finally has help. Thank you for helping him to have confidence to talk about abuse at the hands of a woman. I seriously pray that your work is acknowledged, it’s not just women who are abused, men are too.

Having you there has been such a support to me also. For the first time in 7/8 years i didn’t feel i was dealing with it on my own and being fobbed off. I was living in a constant nightmare James, terrified I’d lose another child. It is like you are correcting all the wrong that have been ignored.