Our mission is to encourage father involvement by early intervention after family separation, this will lower the impact on single parent households and reconnect children with their fathers.

We aim to lower conflict and offer emotional support through the separation process.

We support fathers and their families suffering from long-term separation to find effective ways to reconnect with their children.

James’ Ark does not discriminate. We extend our support to anyone affected by this.


  • To promote equality for both parents regardless of gender.
  • To raise awareness of the effects of family separation.
  • To lower the conflict between parents after separation by early intervention.
  • To support families to avoid children being separated from their parents for prolonged periods.
  • To encourage father involvement by supporting fathers to reconnect with their children.
  • To support families affected by fatherlessness.
  • To raise awareness of the need for children to have a loving relationship with both parents.